Monthly Archives: February 2013

Talk at University of Birmingham

University of BirminghamI had a great time visiting the University of Birmingham earlier this week, where I gave a talk to members of the HCI Centre. My talk was on ‘Learning in the wild: designing for location-based experiences’ and the slides for it can be found here.


Spec’ing things out…

OSL_logo_white_onlineFollowing on from the wonderful news that further development of Situ8 is being funded by the OU’s OpenScience Laboratory, I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of days writing a briefing document and doing some wireframing, to help spec out what needs doing. Must give a mention to Juliette Culver in IET, who has been doing a sterling job helping me with amendments and a huge number of helpful suggestions. Definitely a case of two heads being better than one.