Reflecting on CHI2013

I attended the CHI2013 conference in Paris, France a geochi-group_photo_smcouple of weeks ago, where I had a paper accepted to the GeoHCI workshop, co-authored with my colleague Anne Adams. The workshop was fantastic – great people, great projects – although I did find the main conference a bit overwhelming (with around 3400 attendees, that’s maybe not surprising). It was an intense, colourful and engaging spectacle of a conference, with many diverse research areas and fantastic presentations. I did have a few concerns over the way statistics seemed to be somewhat used and abused by people who should have known better, but overall the papers were of a very high standard. Two of my favourite papers came from the alt.chi stream: ‘Devotional gardening tools’ (paper / video preview) and the incredibly entertaining “CHI and the Future Robot Enslavement of Humankind; A Retrospective” (paper / SlideShare).


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