In my current post, I provide advice and guidance about mobile and location-based learning to other staff at the OU, to support their research and teaching.

I am also part of a group within IET that is tasked with the production of a series of ‘Innovating Pedagogy’ reports, to inform policy makers and practitioners of innovations in Higher Education.

I previously taught and supported a variety of subjects in Computer Science, as a full-time Teaching Assistant. I am comfortable teaching a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules including introductory Java programming; Web programming and scripting; human factors/human-computer interaction; new media design; user modelling and personalisation; and mobile learning/interaction.

Contributions to teaching methods and materials at previous institutions
(all University of Nottingham):

Computer Science:
From 2008-2011:

  • Guest lecturer for postgraduate module ‘G64IHF Issues in Human Factors’
  • Guest lecturer for undergraduate module ‘G53NMD New Media Design’

From 2001-2005:

  • Delivered lectures, led practical lab sessions, invigilated exams and marked coursework/exams
  • Attended all internal and external exam boards (undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • Provided pastoral support to first, second and third-year undergraduate students

Graduate School / Information Services:
From 2008-2010:

  • Lead tutor for several Graduate School courses (‘LaTeX’, ‘Proposal-writing for scientists and engineers’, ‘Creative Thinking’, introductory programming and MS Office courses)
  •  Regular contributor to the ‘Preparation for the Viva’ course

From 2007-2008:

  • Identified and analysed training needs of postgraduate research students in the Science Faculty and provided appropriate training; trained and mentored new tutors/demonstrators

Education / Continuing Education:
From 2009-2011:

  • Guest lecturer for two postgraduate modules (‘XXD582 Mobile learning and ubiquitous computing’ and ‘XX4587 ICT and Instructional Design’) in the School of Education

From 2002-2008:

  • Part-time lecturer for three Continuing Education modules; also assisted in the management and tutoring of students on field trips
  • Solely responsible for the design and teaching of each module and successfully trialled innovative techniques for assessment; also coached and supported students on a one-to-one basis, both in person and via distance learning
  • Designed, marked and provided feedback of assessments; carried out resource management and module administration
  •  Advised Continuing Education on strategic curriculum development aimed at increasing student recruitment from industry and Local Education Authorities. I also helped plan and design new modules, to include the appropriate use of new technologies to support this teaching.